How Can Data Management Positively Impact an EMS Provider’s Operations?

June 20, 2023

Think for a moment how different a typical emergency ambulance ride could be:

  1. If all a patient’s information could be quickly and easily accessed at the point of service?
  2. If an emergency technician could know immediately about a patient’s prior medical history?
  3. If a patient’s financial history and insurance coverage could be pulled instantly?

The providers could then focus on what is truly the most important—the patient’s health. Having a Electronic Health Record (EHR) that seamlessly integrates patient care and information can make a tremendous impact on your day-to-day operations.

  • It saves space and clutter by entering pertinent information electronically. No costly forms to order and stock. No pens to lose. No lost paperwork. A trip report is developed and entered at the exact same time. This saves resources!
  • It cuts down on human error as the EHRs use highly developed coding applications for more accurate coding and billing. This can decrease the need to resubmit claims for reimbursement after a denial. And it can get your Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organization paid in a faster time frame as well.
  • The patient (or the patient’s representative) is not having to repeat over and over his or her financial and medical history. Even if a patient is coherent and able to communicate, it is much preferable to have any of the prior data available to the emergency team. And the hospital staff will appreciate the seamless transition as well. 

A good data management program can make a significant positive impact on the operations of an emergency medical system in health care, but it can be overwhelming and difficult to implement for an organization to research and develop on your own. There are very real concerns such as cyber security and ensuring your patients’ right to privacy. Also, many different software applications are currently on the market. How can you ensure you choose the best one for your market? These are tough questions. It is more important than ever to partner with an experienced Revenue Cycle Specialist like Integra Connect who can guide you through this process. We know how to optimize quality of care and maximize revenue.

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