Manage your revenue cycle and improve operations, finances, and practice performance

Don’t tax your staff – augment their expertise to get ahead of your claims processing and billing

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Integra Connect Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Help specialty practices succeed – clinically and financially

Our portfolio is the only suite of solutions and services created specifically to help oncology and urology providers adopt value-based care, but still operate in a fee-for-service model.

RCM solutions are sought out by practices given industry-wide staffing shortages, increased days in A/R, and the need to achieve best-practice-quality outcomes, while increasing their organization’s value at a reduced cost.

Integra Connect solutions enable providers and practices to:
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Manage claims processing and billing
  • Understand overall performance and triage activities for faster impact
  • Monitor key performance markers, including drug usage, claims denial rate, high-dollar procedures, gross collections ratio, and A/R greater than 90 days – and take action

How it Works

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Automate & Simplify

Streamline day-to-day administrative tasks and complex reimbursement calculations of working in value-based and fee-for-service revenue cycles.

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Prevent Leakage

Understand how drug usage, treatment options, and care pathways impact your financial performance.

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Increase Collections

Achieve fewer claim denials and higher take-home profits.

Access Clinical and Operations Experts Icon

Access Clinical and Operations Experts

Benefit from RCM talent, who offer deep clinical, payer, and operational expertise.

Understand key performance markers Icon

Understand key performance markers

Equip yourself with the insights you need to improve reimbursement patterns, fee schedules and payer contracts.

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Strategize Future Growth

Unlock new potential with ongoing reports and advice based on insights from our specialists and market-leading data bank.

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How to improve practice performance through Revenue Cycle Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Revenue cycle management (RCM) in healthcare is the process by which practices manage administrative and financial functions including revenue generation, billing, and claims processing and payment. RCM is a holistic approach that can augment staff experience to improve operations, financial performance, and practice patterns.

Effective RCM allows healthcare providers to work at the “top of their license” by freeing up their time to focus on patient care and outcomes. Additionally, it enables providers to:

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Augment staff and access expertise
  • Increase revenue yield
  • Understand and improve performance under VBC engagements and improve access to those APMs
  • Demonstrate improved performance under both VBC and fee-for-service reimbursement models

RCM can be improved through a deeper understanding of the processes of reimbursement for high-cost procedures and drugs and streamlining the day-to-day administrative tasks and complex calculations of a value-based revenue cycle. By doing this, you can boost collections, accelerate the billing process, and find hidden growth potential. At Integra Connect, we ensure a strict SOP is agreed upon with our clients to ensure timely billing submissions, rapid payment posting, and immediate follow-up by Accounts Receivable on denials.

There are several ways to measure performance. Three metrics that practices should prioritize monitoring include:

  • Charges vs. payments
  • Days to bill
  • Days in Accounts Receivable