EMS Revenue Cycle Management JEMS Award

June 07, 2018

Integra Connect’s Revenue Cycle Management Solution for EMS services has received the JEMS “Hot Product” Award for 2018. The Hot Product award is exclusive to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) and is only given to those products and services that are truly making a difference in the EMS Industry.

During the 2018 EMS Today Conference and Exhibition, a team of judges reviewed Integra Connect’s Revenue Cycle Management Solution and evaluated it for inclusion in this year’s “Hot Products from EMS Today” feature article that will be published in this month’s issue of JEMS magazine.

The judges recognized and awarded Integra Connect for unique qualifications including:

  • 20 years’ experience in Revenue Cycle Management processing 4.6 million transports per year.
  • Average results for clients including a 21% increase in net collections, a 16.5% increase in cash flow acceleration, a 21% reduction in days to entry and a 17% reduction in days to bill.
  • Streamlined operational protocols and services eliminating operational redundancies and reducing unnecessary costs and expenses.
  • Increased visibility and control over financial performance.
  • A single EMS revenue cycle management product solution eliminating the need for multiple vendors, improving consistency across all data sets.

Thanks to the JEMS team for this exciting distinction!

Learn more about Integra Connect’s Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for EMS at https://www.integraconnect.com/ems