Revenue Cycle Solutions for EMS

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Future of Healthcare

A new level of financial performance

Emergency medical service professionals are dedicated to providing pre-hospital acute medical care. Whether treating those in need of urgent care en route to a hospital or arranging for timely transport for patients to the next point of care, EMS professionals’ goals are to effectively and efficiently treat patients.

As the industry becomes more competitive and costs increase, the need to streamline activities and maximize revenue is paramount to protecting profitability. EMS companies need to successfully coordinate care, manage resources, and implement evidence-based guidelines, all while improving patient experience.

Too often, EMS companies strain their existing billing processes and lose dollars through gaps at every step along the way.

Moving from

Moving from "billing" to comprehensive EMS revenue cycle management

In contrast to the traditional billing operations that once powered EMS, comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions help mitigate the common gaps that contribute to revenue loss throughout the transport billing process – from dispatch to discharge. By introducing the following technology-enabled best practices – leveraging the RCM model – EMS organizations can optimize quality of care and maximize revenue.

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Accelerate cash flows

Engaging a true business partner that specializes in revenue cycle management services for both emergency and non-emergency organizations can help you maximize your revenue while decreasing administrative burden. Get paid faster while reducing administrative costs by leveraging our experienced, Lean Six Sigma certified team.

Streamline workflows

Make your organization more adaptable to industry changes by allowing us to automate key business functions. As the largest provider of EMS revenue services, our job is to help you optimize your workflows, from dispatch to discharge.

Improve your financial performance

Focus more on patient care and put a stop to administrative headaches by letting us do the work to reduce costs and drive efficiencies in ambulance billing. Our clients actively leverage automated enrichment services in our system - including insurance verification, patient identity matching and coverage discovery - to ensure that revenue is never left on the table.

Error prevention logic

EMS coding experts at Integra Connect leverage our proprietary workflows to ensure fast and accurate claims submission. The system uses sophisticated business rules logic to catch potential coding errors and rejections before they happen, cutting down on denials while increasing receipts. These tools enable us to deliver reliable billing outcomes that are compliance-tested against the most complex payer requirements.

Robust analytics and reporting capabilities

Integra Connect provides a reporting and analytics suite designed to optimize the revenue cycle management process for ambulance providers. Powerful, data-driven insights are delivered in reports that can be accessed 24/7 through a secure portal, enabling our clients to make informed business decisions and support transparency with their stakeholders. Integra Connect also offers value-added analytical services to reveal incremental opportunities to improve financial performance.

Patient-first approach

Respectful, compassionate patient interaction that results in account resolution is our top priority. Our patient portal offers an easy-to-use interface for electronic invoicing and simple payment processing in a convenient, self-service environment for your patients. Integra Connect also provides targeted inbound and outbound calling campaigns that are tailored to meet your goals.

EDI capabilities

Integra Connect leverages our high processing volume to drive claim submission efficiencies and reduce costs. We directly connect with payers to facilitate an agile alternative to clearinghouses for quickly processing electronic insurance claims. We also call on existing relationships within the payer community to advocate on behalf of our providers and their patients.

Establish long-term success through deep industry knowledge

Integra Connect provides regulatory and legal consulting oversight to ensure compliance with industry standards. Financial stability and the overall confidence of our clients is the result of our commitment to stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Quality and assurance

Integra Connect’s EMS revenue management compliance and on-going quality assurance programs, implemented by our industry experts, will give you the peace of mind you deserve. We also educate your providers on appropriate documentation practices to get the best results.