RCM Solutions for Emergency Medical Services

EMS billing services designed to boost your bottom line.

As market leaders in revenue cycle management for EMS, we have a clear mission: to maximize the financial and operational success of our clients while helping them deliver the best quality of service to patients.

We do this by providing cloud-based, integrated technology that can meet the demands of the future; technology that can minimize revenue leakage, provide insight into every corner of your business, optimize workflows and improve the bottom line.

With around 300+ years of commulated industry experience, we serve around 10% of the EMS market in the United States, delivering incredible results like an average of $6-18 revenue increases per trip and vastly improved collection speeds.

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“With Integra Connect, we have found a true RCM partner, whose culture, approach and industry expertise complement our own. We have been very pleased with our initial experiences and look forward to leveraging the insightful analytics delivered by Integra Connect to health of our business.”

Brian Anderson, General Manager, Community Ambulance

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How we help EMS providers

With our unique model backed up by a highly specialized team and market-leading technology, we help EMS companies:

Increase revenues:

As the industry leader in RCM, we have the people, processes, and technology to maximize profitability and increase net cash for our clients.

Accelerate cash flow:

Thanks to our services, our clients report huge improvements in filing speed, and how quickly they receive payments from insurance.

Maintain compliance:

Integra Connect’s EMS revenue management compliance and on-going quality assurance programs, implemented by our industry experts, will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our clients experience


Of payments accelerated towithin 30 days of date of service


Reduction in days to entry


Reduction in days to bill

Services & Solutions

EMS Revenue Cycle Management Services

Fully integrated, end-to-end RCM services that take you full circle through the revenue cycle from the date of service to cash collection.

EMS Value-Added Services

As a complement to our end-to-end revenue cycle solution, we deliver a suite of value-added services to enable operational excellence, including business intelligence, medical record retrieval, process improvement services and quality assurance.

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Software & Technology

Every service we offer to our EMS partners is integrated with our state-of-the-art technology that can help eliminate billing blind spots like never before, and aided by the below high-performance tools:

Billing Management Technology

Integra Connect’s proprietary platform is a comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end solution that assists EMS companies succeed by maximizing revenue effectively, while enhancing the transparency of business performance, resulting in a seamless billing process.

Ownership and stewardship of our billing platform ensures expeditious installation of system upgrades, instantaneous response to business requirements, customized premium solutions, and swift implementation of regulatory requirements, to ensure your revenue streams flow in an efficient, reliable manner.

Patient Engagement Technology

Our advanced technology platform empowers patients with the ability to access our industry leading web-based portal to track all accounts with your service, provide insurance information and lifetime signatures as a one stop-solution. Most importantly, your patients will have the flexibility to make online payments securely, thereby enhancing the overall patient experience.

EMS Reporting and Analytics Platform

Integra Connect’s high performance Business Intelligence (BI) and analytical tools provide our clients with the data, reporting, and trend analysis at their fingertips to confidently manage the complex financial models that impact the healthcare market today.

Our real-time insights and metrics to effectively assist our clients BI team captures, stores, and processes significant quantities of raw EMS data to provide usability in their decision making.

Integra Connect’s technology and business analytics solutions escalates reporting to a new level, by helping our clients utilize operational data to uncover opportunities in the market, mitigate risks associated with revenue cycle management, and make impeccable data-driven decisions.


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Joe Belfer, Vice President, EMS Software Engineering

Joe Belfer is a web solutions executive with over 18 years of successful product management, application development, infrastructure, security, and implementation experience, and over 13 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

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Tammy Gaines, Vice President, Western US Operations

Tammy Gaines is a business and financial operations executive with over 20 years’ success in revenue cycle management. She is proficient in establishing end-to-end revenue cycle stakeholder collaboration, transparency, and accountability supported by her use of predictive analytics.

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Christy Pillitiere, Vice President, Eastern US Operations

Christy Pillitiere is the Vice President of the Eastern U.S. Operations for Integra Connect’s Revenue Cycle Solutions, EMS Division. She has more than 15 years’ experience in EMS revenue cycle management. Christy is instrumental in managing all accounts for the East Operations and has extensive experience with Medicaid programs in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Under her tutelage, Christy’s team members have become experts on Medicare guidelines and have established effective processes with Medicaid brokers. Christy has a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

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