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Make data, analytics, and AI work for your network, without burdening the IT team

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The Integra Connect health system solution suite features:

Precision Medicine Platform Icon

ACATA Data & Insights Platform

Move from the “one size fits all” approach to data curation to a model purposely built for value-based, precision oncology.

Alternative Payment Enablement Icon

Alternative Payment Enablement

Improve performance with payer-specific reimbursement models through data and analytics that pinpoint opportunities for improvement, including drug costs.

Population Health Analytics Icon

Population Health Analytics

Identify at-risk patients and highlight the probable causes behind the risk so that providers can make proactive, evidence-based interventions at crucial junctures in a patient’s care journey.

The Integra Connect EHR Icon

The Integra Connect EHR

View a patient’s complete health journey – quickly and efficiently – focus on patient care.

Why Integra Connect?

We transform data into knowledge.

Our Reach

5,000+ providers from community practices and health systems

Our Experience

1,500+ providers supported during OCM

Our Impact

$260M in VBC revenue and more than $100M in shared savings generated for OCM-participating practices


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