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Dr Charles Saunders Outlines the Increasing Importance of Technology in Practices

Practices increasingly need to use technology to deliver care in an increasingly value-based world, said Charles Saunders, MD, CEO of Integra Connect.

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South Florida Business Journal

Integra Connect Launches Advanced Analytics Suite to Help Oncology Practices Improve Cost-Efficiency and Quality of Value-Based Cancer Care

The advanced analytics suite enables oncology practices to unify disparate sources of patient data residing in siloed systems throughout the healthcare ecosystem; apply Integra Connect’s proprietary algorithms to stratify and segment those patients on population and individual levels; and run predictive models via a machine learning engine to anticipate cost and quality outliers requiring personalized treatment plans. Integra Connect Intelligence is fully integrated with the company’s other population health technologies and services, ensuring practices can act on analytical insights via proven interventions to improve quality and cost.

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Dotmed Healthcare Business

Integra Connect launches advanced analytics suite to help oncology practices improve cost-efficiency and value-based cancer care

The Integra Connect Intelligence analytics suite sits atop a proprietary Data Transaction and Exchange engine that pulls from a practice’s disparate clinical and financial data sources, regardless of vendor – from EHRs and practice management systems to claims and more – to create a single source of truth about each patient, then stores the data.

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HIT Consultant

Integra Connect Launches Advanced Analytics Suite for Oncology Practices

Oncology is the leading driver of cost in the healthcare industry today, increasing 88% (a rise of $20.7 billion) in the last five years. It is for this reason that oncologists need to be able to pull and analyze disparate clinical and financial data in a united format in order to predict high-impact interventions at patient and population levels to curb cost.

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The Health Care Blog

The Future of Value-Based Care Relies Upon Providers: Taking the Reins on Alternative Payment Models

2017 was a pivotal year for the growth of value-based care. For many practices, this meant completing their first performance year as part of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). A much smaller percentage of practices was able to participate in approved advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

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Does Your Current Billing Service Set Your EMS Organization Up for Success?

To achieve the Triple Aim of improved quality, cost, and patient experience, EMS organizations are increasingly accountable for patients’ quality of care while reducing total costs. Meanwhile, as industry competition and operational expenses continue to grow, it’s become paramount that they manage high-performing billing operations to increase and accelerate cash flow. Under these evolving conditions, traditional billing approaches are no longer enough to remain competitive and profitable.

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journal of clinical pathways - Implementing Technology in Community-Based Practice Offers Multiple Advantages

Implementing Technology in Community-Based Practice Offers Multiple Advantages

The advantages of implementing technology into the daily operations of a community-based practice vary from finding inefficiencies in operational processes for identifying gaps to optimizing value-based care, according to a series of presentations at the Association for Community Cancer Center (ACCC) 44thAnnual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit (March 14-16, 2018).

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AJMC - Managed Markets Network

Technology Integration in Community Oncology Practice: Building the Future

Finding inefficiencies in operational processes to identify gaps, improve symptom management and adherence, and optimizing value-based care—these are a few of the advantages of implementing technology in the daily operations of a community-based practice.

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medical economics

5 reasons why your EHR isn’t enough for success in value-based care

We recently convened a convention room full of leaders from independent physician practices nationwide and asked them if they believed value-based care was here to stay. Eighty percent said yes.  With that in mind, we then asked them what was most likely to keep them up at night throughout 2018.  Their top answer: transforming their practices to better manage care quality and cost—the core requirement for value-based care success.

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Healthcare IT News

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center uses analytics to improve care quality with CMS Oncology Care Model

The Oncology Care Model is an initiative of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to improve the value of patient care by ensuring high-quality and more coordinated patient care while lowering the cost of care to Medicare.

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