How One EMS Company is Accelerating Cashflows, Faster and More Efficiently

May 01, 2019

Market forces, including a rapidly evolving regulatory environment and increasing costs are now putting unprecedented additional pressure on EMS agencies to maintain best-in-class revenue cycles. To maintain efficient billing operations while remaining focused on patient care, one agency located in Henderson, Nevada, opted to outsource its billing to a third-party vendor from the onset – but soon experienced bumps in the road. As business boomed, they realized it was time to begin the search for a true revenue cycle management partner who could “get it right” and see them through their next phase of growth.

After a thorough vetting process, the agency selected Integra Connect for its:

  • A culture that drives accountability, transparency and follow-through, ensuring no money is left on the table;
  • High-performing Six Sigma operations that offered low-cost yet scalable best-in-class RCM services;
  • Exceptionally efficient processes, from initial dispatch to account closure;
  • State-of-the-art, end-to-end technology platform to support insurance verification, claim scrubbing, and
  • Complementary services to support the agency’s long-term, strategic business objectives.

By transitioning RCM operations to Integra Connect, the agency successfully accelerated cash flows, increased compliance and gained control over complex contract performance. They reduced days sales outstanding by two-thirds and denial rates to just five percent. Furthermore, they experienced more than 60% reduction in accounts receivables older than 90 days and increased daily cash deposits by nearly 13%, resulting in a powerful financial boost to the business.

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