Chart Abstraction Services to Offload the Burden of Regulatory Reporting

April 26, 2019

To successfully comply with value-based programs such as the OCM, specialty practices are required to submit a wide-range of patient data in a precise file format. Unfortunately, essential data points are often buried deep within the EHR in unstructured fields, resulting in data gaps. As the deadline for the Oncology Care Model’s (OCM) Clinical and Staging data submission deadline quickly approved, one large oncology practice in Fort Worth, TX, reached out to Integra Connect to help them close their gaps.

With only three weeks to go, Integra Connect’s expert-led chart abstraction team pored over 600 patient records, mapped the necessary unstructured data elements to the CMS-defined file format, and delivered a comprehensive data report to the practice.

As a result, the practice’s submission was not only timely but exceeded the OCM reporting requirements.