Introducing PrecisionQ

Integra Connect PrecisionQ

PrecisionQ is a suite of Integra Connect solutions designed to help biosciences leaders address the opportunities and challenges presented by the shift of healthcare to value-based care models. We help quantify the value of treatments and diagnostic tests in terms of their impact on total cost of care, quality of life, and patient outcomes.

Introducing Integra Connect’s EHR for Oncology

Succeeding in an Era of Fundamental Change

Value-based care is compelling specialty practices to develop and deploy new capabilities that improve care quality while also reducing total cost. In specialties such as oncology, that translates into unprecedented scrutiny of treatment choices, which can account for more than 50 percent of total cost of care.

Biosciences industry leaders must therefore prepare themselves for volatility in pricing, rebates, utilization and adherence. To be successful, these leaders will need to identify new ways to quantify the overall value of their treatments and diagnostic tests for the benefit of specialty providers, payers and patients, thereby enabling the transition from a disease-specific to patient-centered approach to care – precision care. Integra Connect PrecisionQ’s mission is to quantify care and facilitate the delivery of the right treatment for the right patient at the right cost through real-world data analytics and insights.

Succeeding in an Era of Fundamental Change

Delivering Novel Insights for Value-Based Specialty Care

PrecisionQ’s suite of solutions was developed around four core principles.

Optimizing Total Cost of Care

Optimizing Total Cost of Care: We track and measure the financial impact of treatments and diagnostic tests on overall cost of care, including costs of side effects, as well as savings achieved by avoiding adverse events. We then deliver these insights to our clients to support their strategic initiatives.

Increasing Quality of Life

Increasing Quality of Life: We leverage clinical and financial data to evaluate the efficacy of a drug or diagnostic test, then identify key challenges that directly impact the patient experience, including access and affordability, toxicity, and education. Our assessment empowers our clients to proactively intervene and address barriers.

Expanding Clinical Trials Access

Expanding Clinical Trials Access: We employ proprietary algorithms to identify patients treated in the community setting who are eligible for, and would benefit from, clinical trials. We then deliver data-driven insights into the impact of respective clinical trials on clinical outcomes, the patient experience and total cost of care.

Fostering Patient-Reported Outcomes

Fostering Patient-Reported Outcomes: We will enable patients to electronically self-report side effects, toxicity, and other challenges in real-time, unlocking powerful insights directly from the patient regarding quality of life throughout his or her journey.

The Integra Connect Difference

The Integra Connect Difference

Integra Connect curates a unique combination of clinical and financial data by leveraging its Data Transformation and Exchange (DTX) engine which connects with EHRs, Payer claims, ADT feeds, pharmacies, labs, genomics data and more. Moreover, source data is drawn from a broad variety of practices regardless of their EMR or other technology infrastructure because we are technology-agnostic. This broadens our access to real-world evidence (RWE) and facilitates a more comprehensive assessment of treatment trends. Our collection of data assets, coupled with our advanced analytics, enables the delivery of data-driven, actionable insights about the real-time impact of value-based care on specialty providers.

In addition, only Integra Connect offers its biosciences partners:

  • A team comprised of thought leaders in value-based care, which enables us to more quickly identify the impact and drivers of value-based models on treatment decisions.
  • A unique combination of harmonized clinical and financial data, with 98% patient ID matching accuracy.
  • Actionable analytics that deliver insights into the impact of treatment decisions across all value-based care dimensions, including patient experience, outcomes and total cost of care.
  • A foundation of a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions – from EHR and RCM to Advanced Analytics – designed to help specialty practices thrive, clinically and financially, in era of value-based care. For this reason, some of the nation’s largest, most prominent oncology and urology practices are leveraging our technology-enabled solutions.