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Integra Connect supports efforts to advance precision medicine research and adoption

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Quality Research Initiatives

Understand real-world adoption of your treatment, and uncover opportunities to improve patient treatment, patient outcomes, and practice operating performance.

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Scientific Research

Facilitate cutting-edge research and data publications that improve understanding of critical care topics, including testing prevalence and effectiveness, treatment duration, and impact on quality of life.

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Commercial Analytics

Interpret complex data sets in ways that weren’t previous possible for areas including: opportunity management, market adoption, and patient cohort identification.

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ACATA Data & Insights Platform

Ingest, harmonize and enrich real-world data from multiple sources for precision medicine advancements

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Generate evidence demonstrating the clinical impact and value of a specific treatment and use to inform business and reimbursement strategies.

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Observational Research

Enables providers and life sciences companies to understand the use and effect of a peri-launch and recently approved oncology medicine on a practice and patients.

Featured Resource

Data presented at ASCO demonstrated the value of the Integra Connect database – which includes de-identified claims and clinical records for community-based oncology practices across the United States. The study showed that patients with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer who received targeted treatment from the outset had a survival exceeding 800 days vs. 672 days in those who switched to the appropriate targeted agents within 35 days and 435 days in those who did not switch within this timeframe.

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Why Integra Connect?

We transform data into knowledge.

Our Reach

65+ engagements with top pharma, medtech and biotech companies

Our Approach

Established the industry’s largest foothold into oncology practices focused on VBC, with more than 5,000 providers supported

Our Impact

60+ scientific publications demonstrating the value of our data and solutions over the past two years


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