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We give pharma companies real-time visibility into real-world care

The landscape of care is shifting, and key stakeholders are increasingly looking for treatment options that improve patient outcomes while minimizing cost. To meet these demands, pharmaceutical companies need to remain connected to the reality of on-the-ground healthcare, understanding what decisions are being made and why, and how their medications work in a real-world care setting.

With our strong links to community oncologists and urologists, our PrecisionQ platform and services provide the access and real-world data pharma needs in order to reach the right people and develop the drugs of tomorrow.

Our state-of-the-art PrecisionQ platform processes 100% of real-world practice data from source systems like EMR/CMS alongside the largest financial data set in the industry. All of this data is fully harmonized and tokenized at the individual patient level, and offers 98% patient ID matching accuracy.

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Who we serve

Commercial brand teams

As leading data experts, we can support your launches and promotional efforts with expansive business insights and analytics. With the help of up-to-the-minute data from our oncology practice partners and our data science capabilities, you can pinpoint gaps in care and build a highly effective, evidence-based commercial strategy.

Market access teams

Leverage our data to identify stakeholders, challenges and opportunities and present convincing cost-benefit analyses to ensure your products reach the right places.

HEOR teams

Gain unparalleled visibility into the effectiveness of particular drugs matched to patient profiles, genomics, cancer types and care pathways, that will enable you to produce and publish in-depth clinical studies and raise awareness in the healthcare community.

Medical teams

Our granular data can help you build expansive registries filled with up-to-date real-world data that can equip you with a broad understanding of which patients are using your medication and where it is most – and least – effective. This can, in turn, guide new drug development and the optimization of your product range.

R&D teams

Identify patients treated in the community setting who are eligible for, and would benefit from, clinical trials, with the aid of our proprietary machine-learning algorithm. Hone your methodologies by learning from data-driven insights into the impact of respective clinical trials on clinical outcomes, the patient experience and total cost of care.

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With the largest team of software engineers and data experts in the industry, as well as our strong links to oncology practices, we’re dedicated to helping pharmaceutical companies level-up their R&D efforts and reach practices and patients like never before.

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