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The shift to alternative payment models poses major challenges for modern practices, who must find new ways to improve care quality while simultaneously managing costs. To succeed in this space, practices must have impeccable insight into their business and the technology to facilitate personalized care regimens for their patients.

Integra Connect

All of that starts with data.

The IntegraCloud platform was developed by a team of value-based care specialists to enable a seamless transition to value-based models and a leveling up of patient care.

We don’t just leverage your data to enable effortless QR/MIPS reporting – we also use our state-of-the-art Enterprise AI platform to stratify at-risk patients, predict likely outcomes, and analyze the causes behind higher-risk cases.

Our value-based care solutions

Precision oncology:

Implement evidence-based personalized care with the help of our powerful, AI-enabled analytics.

Value-based RCM services:

Maximize your practice’s revenues while confidently navigating the impacts of APMs on your revenue cycle.

Electronic Health Records:

Improve care outcomes while minimizing cost and facilitate effortless MACRA/MIPS reporting.

Population Health Analytics:

Analyze data from a vast array of sources to benchmark your business and care performance, and use predictive algorithms to stratify your patient populations and make real-time decisions to improve care.

Patient engagement solutions:

Empower patients to invest in their own care with patient intake solutions.

Integra HCC:

Leverage our data platform to identify opportunities for more complete HCC coding, and benefit from target-price increases in value-based care programs.

Practice transformation:

Expert assistance in establishing new organizational structures, developing care management and clinical programs, composing evidence-based care guidelines, and more.

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Mitigating risks while maximizing opportunities

The opportunities presented by value-based care are immense – but often come with associated risks and burdens, such as the need to implement new care management strategies and upgrade technological capabilities. With industry-leading expertise on your side, you can set yourself up for success.

IntegraCloud represents a full suite of data-driven services for speciality practices. Powered by advanced analytics, our platform can automate care management with proven workflows, centralized databases and patient stratification, enabling personalized, evidence-based care at a reduced cost.

Integra Connect
Integra Connect

Advanced analytics for value-based care decisions

  • Collect and unify data from disparate siloed systems to gain a holistic view of your practice and patient population
  • Utilize advanced analytics to eliminate blind spots and aid value-based care decisions
  • Drill down into the true cost of care to find care options that deliver the best health outcomes and the greatest ROI
  • Use predictive algorithms to identify risk factors, forecast costs and drive interventions

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As market leaders in value-based care with some of the most advanced technology in the industry, Integra Connect has helped numerous practices make the transition to alternative payment models.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you succeed in a changing healthcare landscape and prepare for the future of value-based care.

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