Urology Solutions

Improving Outcomes for Patients – And Populations

Technologies and services to enable urology practice transformation

Value-based care enables urologists to elevate the quality and comprehensiveness of patient care to new levels. But it also brings unprecedented accountability and administrative complexity. Urologists now require a broader, more sophisticated set of technologies and services to support their patients and practices.

Urology Care Management

Care management is essential to supporting urologists’ most at-risk patients – especially those battling cancer – in alignment with APM programs. Integra Connect offers tools and services to equip care managers at urology practices to deploy these new initiatives:

  • Group and stratify at-risk patient populations requiring care management interventions;
  • Capture and centralize program details, pathways, educational libraries, and other assets;
  • Enable care managers to work efficiently via a portal containing daily to-dos, patient-specific alerts, workflows, and tools to monitor and measure urology program participants;
  • Generate evidence-based urology care plans automatically based on pre-defined rules and custom parameters;
  • Deploy interventions, from new appointments to patient education and program enrollment.

Complementary Integra Connect services will:

  • Design practice-specific, customized care management programs with staffing recommendations, including licensure mix, workflows, and policies and procedures to facilitate care management activities with network providers.
  • Hire, staff, and manage care management teams for a turnkey solution that augments Integra Connect technology.

Population Health Analytics for Urology

Manage urology patient health across more clinical benchmarks and care settings than ever before. Integra Connect’s population health analytics and services help practices to:

  • Identify, segment, and stratify urology patient populations according to type of disease state, treatment regimen, risk level, or other meaningful attributes that drive outcomes;
  • Monitor key metrics in real-time across all levels, alongside national performance benchmarks;
  • Identify outliers and drill down to an individual patient level to focus improvement efforts;
  • Deploy care management interventions from within the application -- from new appointments to patient education and program enrollment – all in alignment with care plans.

Practices can also access Integra Connect population health services that can scale from short-term consulting to long-term outsourced staffing solutions and enable critical operational functions. 

Urology Practice Management

Streamlined urology practice management is the foundation for a successful practice. Optimize administrative processes, track performance and drive operational transformation.

  • Reduce the workload on your administrative team by streamlining daily activities and automating the patient visit process;
  • Maximize revenue and collect payments faster by reducing denials with charge entry support, then prioritize and address issues with real-time adjudication updates;
  • Drive practice transformation by leveraging rich dashboards that empower you to track and optimize your practice performance.

Revenue Cycle Management for Urologists

Changes to urology reimbursement requirements can be overwhelming. Make sure to maximize your practice’s revenue, faster and more efficiently.

  • Increase collections while mitigating costs by utilizing our team of experts to manage your revenue cycle;
  • Unburden your staff from back-office activities so they can focus on patient care;
  • Continuously improve financial results with a dashboard that delivers actionable insights for billing improvements;
  • Improve visibility and control by taking advantage of our included EHR and PM – creating a single, integrated financial, administrative and clinical solution to run your practice.

Learn more about urology revenue cycle management.

Urology Patient Engagement

Patients must become active participants in their care. That is why effective patient engagement programs are essential to urology practices. Capabilities across Integra Connect’s suite of solutions unite to help educate, motivate, and engage patients in their health – anytime and anywhere.

  • Increase access to care with a mobile-first patient portal for scheduling appointments, reviewing notes from the EHR, and communicating with the care team;
  • Improve care plan compliance via educational materials, reminders, and alerts to keep patients on track with their health goals;
  • Centralize and deploy communications that are fully integrated with other sources of patient insight, including via mail, email, phone calls, and texts.

Complementary services can help oncology practices design and deploy patient engagement efforts, taking their results to the next level.

Urology Practice Transformation Services

Value-based care requires urology practices to transform their operations via new governance structures, increased staffing, development of analytical capabilities and enhancement of patient programs.

Integra Connect’s Practice Transformation Services help urology practices at any stage of their journey to advance, confidently and successfully. Our experts engage with clients to support them with:

  • Governance and leadership structures
  • Actuarial and analytical capabilities
  • Clinical program development
  • Network design and management
  • Evidence-based care guideline creation and management
  • APM design, contracting, and management
  • Patient experience and engagement