How We Help Urologists

Improve care outcomes and streamline operations

IntegraConnect offers a comprehensive precision medicine platform designed to meet the needs of urologists as they implement the clinical methods and payment models of the future.

With the aid of advanced machine-learning technology, urology practices can gain rich insights into care quality and decisions in the past and present, and forecast key clinical events through predictive algorithms.

Thanks to our cutting-edge population health analytics, physicians can identify treatment pathways that are not only cost-effective, but also produce the best outcomes. Furthermore, our end-to-end RCM services, patient engagement portal and IntegraCloud EHR can help you streamline your operations and increase performance-based revenues.


Integra Connect

We help urology practices:

Stratify the most at-risk patients

Identify and support your most vulnerable patients with our advanced predictive algorithms that can tell you not just who is at risk, but why.

Make informed decisions on treatment pathways

Gain powerful data-driven insights into the relative costs, margins and outcomes of various treatment pathways, supporting the adoption of cost-effective alternatives such as biosimilars.

Streamline workflows and coordinate care

Maximize the efficiency of your practice through our user-friendly portal containing daily to-dos, patient-specific alerts, workflows, and tools to monitor urology program participants.

Cut costs and boost revenues

With our Provider Scorecard, you can see exactly where you measure up against similar urology practices in terms of costs and revenues, and implement proactive strategies to correct areas of under-performance.

Thrive in a changing healthcare landscape

Gain expert support to help you succeed in value-based care, from monitoring care quality and optimizing HCCs to managing the complexities of value-based revenue cycle.

Handle compliance requirements

Effortlessly integrate practice regimens into the IntegraCloud EHR to conform to evidence-based and payer guidelines. Plus, enable seamless MACRA/MIPS reporting with in-built templates.

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Why choose Integra Connect?

To optimize your practice for the future, you need a partner that truly understands the challenges and opportunities that urology practices are facing.

At IntegraConnect, we have a long history of supporting urology practices of all sizes, combining specialist expertise with the largest cohort of software engineers and data analysts in the industry.

Our precision medicine platform is a complete solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing technology and workflows, backed up by hands-on support and guidance from our expert team.

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