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Market Context

The shift to value-based care is compelling specialty practices to improve quality and reduce total costs of care in an effort to deliver better outcomes. While many practices are looking to lower treatment costs for immediate savings, weighing treatment decisions in terms of optimizing patient outcomes, safety and total costs can be a challenge. Success under MIPS and APMs will require specialists to inform treatments with an attention to value, the use of evidence-based care paths, and even personalization powered by genomics.


Integra Connect Optimal Value GPO was founded so practices could thrive amid the new realities of a post-MACRA world. It offers the industry’s first evidence-based GPO with contracts based on value and measured in terms of efficacy, safety, and total cost of care. Our aim is to provide specialists with enhanced financial and clinical value via lower acquisition costs and optimized performance on value-based contracts. We do this via technology-enabled adherence to science-based and data-driven clinical treatment pathways – so practices perform better on their value-based care efforts.

Integra Connect Optimal Value GPO Mission
Integra Connect Optimal Value GPO Approach


Whereas legacy GPOs focus on net acquisition costs and the resulting margin, our Optimal Value GPO combines the power of group purchasing with a sophisticated formulary driven by evidence-based care paths, payer APMs and genomic personalization.

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What Optimal Value GPO Members Receive

Holistic Patient View

Holistic Patient View:

Aggregation and normalization of all types of patient data – from EHRs and PM systems to payer claims – to create a complete patient view across all care settings and into the home.

Complete MIPS Solution

Complete MIPS Solution:

Quality measure collection, performance analytics and submission to CMS or another Qualified Registry.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics:

Data-driven insights into utilization patterns, pathway adherence, quality, cost, and economic modeling.

Patient Medication Adherence

Patient Medication Adherence:

Highly defined, customized patient engagement approach that includes outreach, support and education through the healthcare journey.

Treatment Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization:

Optimize practice's treatment cost management strategy in alignment with value-based care objectives, including financial modeling.

Practice Transformation

Practice Transformation:

Services designed to optimize practice performance under MIPS and other APMs, including evidence-based care pathway development and payer APM design, contracting and management.

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The Integra Connect Difference

Supports Overall MIPS Excellence

Supports Overall MIPS Excellence

A complete MIPS solution, including data capture and assessment; quality measure analytics and submission.

Purpose-Built for Value-Based Care

Purpose-Built for Value-Based Care

Drug contracting approach in alignment with payer APM financial incentives, optimizing practice’s shared savings potential.

Exceptional Acquisition Costs

Exceptional Acquisition Costs

Lowest cost of treatments, enabling practice to attain top tier performance contracts.

Incremental fees may apply for Medication Adherence, MIPS, and Practice Transformation Services.