Revenue Cycle Management

Success under MIPS and APMs requires oncology practices to deliver exceptionally efficient revenue cycles that optimize performance based on both fee-for-service and value.

Integra Connect’s Value-Based Revenue Cycle Management Solution enables oncology practices to increase control over quality and cost performance while optimizing revenue cycle efficiency.

The emergence of new, value-based payment models is transforming traditional fee-for-service RCM. Oncology practices must now balance cost and quality outcomes across entire episodes of care, optimize treatment choices based on both value and outcomes, and identify and close operational gaps, all while continuing to maintain best-in-class fee-for-service billing. Additionally, since cancer patients with multiple comorbidities are more likely to see other physicians, oncologists will be compelled to gain visibility into their patients’ journeys across all care settings.

Integra Connect offers a turnkey revenue cycle management solution optimized for large oncology practices that operate under both fee-for-service and value-based payment models. This includes: best-in-class, technology-enabled services augmented by MIPS and APM support to optimize performance; integrated Population Health analytics; and contract oversight, enabling a holistic and actionable view of practice finances.

Powered by a Six Sigma operations team, Integra Connect’s value-based oncology revenue cycle management services deliver end-to-end RCM process management that supports:

Front Office

Front Office, including eligibility and benefit verification; authorization and out-of-pocket estimates; reimbursement calculations; claims scrubbing; and risk management.

Middle Office

Middle Office, including total cost of care estimates; payer contract management; and document gap assessment.

Back Office

Back Office, including denials and appeals resolution; performance analysis and benchmarking; and oncology-specific decision support tools.

Integra Connect’s solution also includes:

Value-based care expertise

Value-based care expertise and deep oncology-specific revenue cycle management knowledge to seamlessly manage the practice’s revenue cycle across all contract types; drive operational improvements; and manage contract risk in alignment with population health initiatives.

Executive-level engagement

Executive-level engagement with the practice’s clinical and operational leadership to review existing value-based care and calibrate as needed to optimize the practice’s transition to 
value-based care models, including holistic evaluation of the 
timing and magnitude of revenue shifts.

Advanced analytics with real-time

Advanced analytics with real-time, built-in decision support capabilities focused on MIPS and APM performance, including action plans to identify proactive clinical and/or operational intervention to improve value-based outcomes and maximize revenue under alternative payment model contracts.

Integra Connect’s value-based oncology revenue cycle management solution helps practices to:

  • Accelerate revenuesAccelerate revenues by reducing dates in accounts receivables and lowering denial rates.
  • Optimize operationalOptimize operational efficiency by offloading complex claims submissions to our expert team while maintaining up-to-date status visibility.
  • Increase visibilityIncrease visibility and control over day-to-day operations with dynamic dashboards.
  • Maximize financial performanceMaximize financial performance with data-driven, actionable insights powered by our robust analytics and reporting capabilities.

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