An EHR Solution for
Value-Based Urology

The acceleration of value-based care requires urology practices to focus on MIPS performance today while also preparing to accept increasing financial accountability for the cost and quality of care they deliver. Success will require urologists to manage their patient populations in a way that improves care quality, but also reduces total cost of care.

Legacy urology EMR/EHR systems were designed around documentation of clinical encounters in a fee-for-service environment and enable limited data extraction and reporting. To optimize practice performance in the era of MIPS and forthcoming alternative payment model programs, new systems must support the achievement of quality measures and care coordination across the entire continuum. But they must also enable visibility into and effective management of the total cost of care – 
spanning both inside and outside the office environment.

Introducing Integra Connect’s EHR for Urology

Integra Connect’s EHR for Urology is tailored to fit practice workflows - including urology-specific content and templates, clinical pathway management and data driven analytics – resulting in more efficient encounters and enhanced patient outcomes.

Introducing Integra Connect’s EHR for Urology

Your Urology Practice, Empowered

Highlights of our urology EHR include:

Maximize productivity and reduce clicks

Maximize productivity and reduce clicks with our proprietary Clinical Hub – a dynamic encounter note that provides visibility into a patient’s complete clinical record across all settings of care (labs, hospitalizations, ED visits etc.) and enables the provider to complete documentation for charting, ordering and notes, as well as view labs and trends, all from a single screen.

Facilitate compliance with evidence-based and payer guidelines

Facilitate compliance with evidence-based and payer guidelines by integrating practice pathways directly into the urology EHR with our Regimen Builder. With one click, efficiently auto-populate the patient record based on diagnosis and indication while simultaneously triggering downstream workflows.

Improve value-based urology care performance

Improve value-based urology care performance and optimize patient outcomes with graphically-displayed lab trends, clinical decision support tools and treatment guidelines integrated at the point-of-care.

Empower your practice staff

Empower your practice staff to work more efficiently with tools like smart scheduling, enabling users to create customized schedules, block certain days, and then apply these schedule profiles to specific providers.

Maintain a holistic view

Maintain a holistic view of patient visits and other care milestones, identify outliers and drill-down to specific event details via the Patient Timeline.

Personalize your oncology EHR

Personalize your oncology EHR to accelerate user adoption and facilitate ease-of-use by configuring the EHR to align with physician-specific and practice workflows, including templates, content and pathways.

Simplify compliance with OCM and MIPS

Simplify compliance with OCM and MIPS reporting requirements with templates that have been optimized for capturing the necessary data fields, seamlessly integrated into your practice workflows.

Customers of Integra Connect’s urology EHR also enjoy seamless integration with our other solutions for data transformation and exchange, which facilitate the assembly of clean, cohesive and high-quality data in support of analytics, reporting, and research initiatives.