MACRA Compliance Survey Highlights

We surveyed attendees of our June 2017 meeting in Atlanta to see where MACRA has impacted specialists so far and what they were doing to prepare.

Where Specialists Are In Preparing for MACRA”

  • 100% of surveyed specialists (oncologists & urologists) have not fully grasped MACRA’s impact.
  • 71% are “learning but have a way to go”
  • 40% are taking a DIY approach with existing resources & tools
  • 24% haven’t started preparing.

The Top 3 Barriers to MIPS Success:

  • 23% of specialists don’t have the right people/skills
  • 20% name understanding MIPS requirements as a barrier
  • 19% see a cultural shift for value based care as a barrier

Steps Providers Are Taking to Optimize MIPS Success:

  • 25% will invest in consulting services
  • 23% are investing in new care coordination resources
  • 21% are investing in new EHRs

Resources to Delivery MIPS Success are Uncertain:

  • 62% of specialists don’t have concrete plans to fund these steps
  • 51% are not ready to support value-based care with their EHRs

How to Succeed in Value Based Care

To succeed in value-based care, nothing short of operational transformation is required. Specialty care needs a comprehensive value-based care solution to support that transformation and take patient care to new heights. Integra Connect provides integrated cloud based technologies and services to help providers meet and exceed demands of the changing healthcare landscape.