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Integra Connect’s Precision Medicine Solutions can help oncologists and urologists deliver high-quality care in the most efficient and cost-effective way. This means superior care for patients, improved revenue for the provider and practice, and positive experiences across the health system.

Integra Connect solutions combine expertise in specialty medicine, value-based care, and advanced analytics to help providers understand the past, keep track of the present, and gain the best possible insights for future decisions. This can help providers by giving them the insights they need to apply precision medicine principles to patient cases, while controlling the costs of care for the patient and the practice.

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How It Works

Integra Connect
Improve Patient Outcomes

Identify at-risk patients and highlight the probable causes behind the risk so that providers can make proactive, evidence-based interventions at crucial junctures in a patient’s care journey.

Integra Connect
Manage Compliance Requirements

Experience seamless MIPS/OCM reporting with IntegraCloud EHR: a fully integrated, technology-agnostic EHR with templates tailored to meet current compliance requirements.

Integra Connect
Find Cost-Effective Care Options

Uncover opportunities for biosimilar adoption and other cost-effective treatment options, aided by benchmarking and analytics that can deliver insights on treatment costs, payers and margins.

Integra Connect
Adapt to New Payment Models

Prepare for success with Alternative Payments Models or in the next iteration of the Oncology Care Model with a precision medicine platform designed by leading experts in value-based care.

Integra Connect
Maximize Revenue for Providers

Improve efficiency with data-driven insights and strategic guidance, while achieving faster pay-outs, increased take-home profits and fewer claim denials.

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