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Integra Connect

Integra Connect’s Population Health Analytics Suite crunches real-world patient and population-level data to deliver insights that are groundbreaking.

Using advanced analytics, Integra Connect solutions integrate clinical, financial, genomic and sociodemographic data to help practices and researchers spot critical trends, identify important risk factors among patient populations, and gain a deeper understanding of clinical quality throughout an organization, all while supporting providers’ efforts to significantly reduce the cost of care.

Every day, oncology practices collect and compile rich data from their patient populations. All too often, the power of this data is not tapped to its full potential. The Integra Connect Population Health solution suite gathers and processes this data from source systems that are often overlooked by other solutions and measures this data against comparable practices for highly accurate benchmarking.

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How It Works

Integra Connect
Identify Areas for Cost-Cutting

Determine cost and utilization trends, benchmarking and patient-specific actions to drive savings opportunities based on clinical, billing & payer claims data in comparison with carefully matched competitor cohorts.

Integra Connect
Integrate seamlessly

Leverage a technology-agnostic solution to allow for easy integration with existing software and source systems.

Integra Connect
Improve Outcomes with Preventive Interventions

Harness cutting-edge AI to identify high-risk patients, understand their risk factors and direct proactive interventions.

Integra Connect
Keep Track of Clinical Quality

Understand clinical quality based on EHR data for QA, registries, MIPS and regulatory reporting.

Integra Connect
Optimize Treatment

Use real-world data to determine clinical treatment patterns with benchmarking, compliance, and outcomes to optimize treatments and consistency.

Integra Connect
Optimize HCC Coding

Find opportunities for more complete HCC coding, and benefit from target-price increases in value-based care programs.

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