We help oncologists improve
billing, care, and outcomes.

Integra Connect’s precision oncology platform is an end-to-end solution that can help you provide high-quality, personalized cancer care while streamlining processes and maximizing income.

Our team combines deep expertise in oncology with a true belief in the power of technology and insight to transform care. With the aid of advanced analytics, we want to help you understand the past, keep track of the present, and gain the best possible insight into the future so you can continuously improve both the quality and cost of the care you provide.


Integra Connect

We help oncology

Improve patient outcomes

Our AI-driven predictive analytics can single out at-risk patients and highlight the probable causes behind this risk, guiding physicians in making proactive, evidence-based interventions at crucial junctures in a patients’ care.

Find cost-effective care options

Identify opportunities for biosimilar adoption and other cost-effective treatment options, aided by benchmarking tools and analytics that can deliver insights on treatment costs, payers and margins.

Maximize revenues

Run an even more efficient operation with our data-driven insights and strategic guidance, while enjoying faster payouts, increased take-home profits and fewer claims denials through our end-to-end RCM services.

Boost patient engagement

Streamline processes and engage your patient population with our mobile-first patient engagement platform, featuring a number of sought-after engagement features such as intake and appointment self-scheduling, HIPAA-compliant messaging and patient education.

Adapt to new payment models

Prepare for success in the next iteration of the Oncology Care Model with a precision medicine platform designed by leading experts in value-based care.

Manage compliance requirements

Experience seamless MIPS/OCM reporting with IntegraCloud EHR: a fully integrated, technology-agnostic EHR with templates tailored to current compliance requirements.

The Integra Connect

When you decide to partner with Integra Connect, you’re not just receiving a software solution. You’re entering into a partnership with dedicated oncology experts, backed up by the largest team of software engineers and data scientists in the industry.

Our precision medicine platform is perfectly tailored to the needs of oncologists, but our approach to integration is highly hands-on and consultative.

All of our solutions can be adapted to the unique workflows and structures of your organizations to enable you to get the best out of them, ultimately maximizing your revenues and enabling you to provide the best possible quality of care to your patients.


Integra Connect