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Healthcare is moving at a rapid pace, and legacy EHRs are becoming increasingly outmoded. To thrive in the current climate and adapt to shifting oncology and urology care models, your EHR should offer much more than data extraction and reporting.

It should enable you to collate disparate strands of the patient journey on a single screen and explore the chronology of care in a matter of clicks. It should support you in improving care outcomes while effectively managing the cost of care. It should aid you in adhering to shifting regulatory requirements, and it should empower your staff to work seamlessly and efficiently across all departments.

Crafted by experts in oncology, urology and value-based care, IntegraCloud EHR is your future-proof solution for navigating the changing terrain of healthcare.


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How IntegraCloud EHR
improves performance

Unrivaled insight into patient care

With our proprietary Clinical Hub flowsheet, care providers can track every aspect of the patient’s clinical health record across a multitude of care settings both inside and outside the practice. On our Patient Timeline, they can drill down into key care milestones and events to maximize the efficiency and productivity of every consultation.

To handle the increasing complexity of oncology care, data points from a vast array of systems are collated and organized intuitively to chart the ongoing development of patient care, allowing practice staff to benefit from unparalleled insight on a single dashboard.

Designed to empower healthcare organizations

In an era of overburdened practice staff, IntegraCloud EHR has been developed with maximal productivity in mind, helping you effortlessly document and track patient care with the help of oncology-specific templates and content.

Equally, our Medication Administration Record transfers regimen data from practitioners to the front desk to ensure the seamless flow of data between diverse departments.

Adaptable and customizable to almost any specialty

Practices shouldn’t have to change their organization to fit their EHR. IntegraCloud EHR can be adapted to your current physician and practice workflows for effortless use and ease-of-adoption.

Though designed to be perfectly suited to the needs of oncology and urology practices, IntegraCloud EHR can also be adapted to suit any type of medical practice.

Simplified reporting and compliance

Conform to evidence-based and payer guidelines with features such as Regimen Builder, which enables practice treatment regimes to be rapidly integrated into the IntegraCloud EHR.

Expedite decision-making and workflows by auto-populating the patient record based on diagnosis and indication while simultaneously triggering downstream workflows.

Plus, free up time and enjoy simplified compliance with templates tailored to the requirements of MIPS/OCM reporting.

Industry leaders
in precision oncology

IntegraCloud EHR is more than just a stand-alone solution. As part of Integra Connect’s PrecisionQ platform, it offers a complete, end-to-end solution for precision medicine designed by industry leaders in oncology, value-based care and data analytics.

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All of our solutions are backed up by an expert team of 200+ software developers and engineers and a C-level team consisting of clinicians with expertise in oncology and urology.
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