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Two urology practices select Integra Connect to replace EHRs

The Urology Group, with 15 sites serving parts of Ohio and Kentucky, and the Michigan Institute Urology, with 22 sites in southeast Michigan, both are replacing legacy electronic health record systems and selecting the same vendor—Integra Connect. Some 39 physicians at The Urology Group recently went live on the EHR as the organization prepares for the shift to value-based care. “We have long seen the need for a new wave of innovation among urology EHRs to better equip practices like ours for the changes in our specialty in general and with the shift to value-based care in particular,” says Gary Kirsh, MD, the group’s president.

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Three Keys to Success in the Oncology Care Model

Oncology providers did better in the second performance period of CMS’ Oncology Care Model (OCM) than they did in the first one, but there’s certainly room for further improvement. That’s according to Charles Saunders, MD, CEO of West Palm Beach, Florida-based Integra Connect, which develops IT solutions for healthcare providers. The company works with approximately 1,000 oncologists who treat close to 300,000 patients in the OCM program.

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Multiple Community Practices Adopt Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology

The Urology Group (TUG) and Michigan Institute of Urology are replacing their legacy electronic health records (EHRs) with Integra Connect’s EHR Solution for Urology. Urology specialists require customized, purpose-built IT solutions for their specific workflows as they transition to value-based care payment models. Integra Connect—a leader in technology and services for value-based specialty care—has designed an EHR Solution for Urology specific for urologists. Integra Connect recently launched its EHR Solution for Oncology, which helps oncologists capture, integrate, and provide data at the point of care and improve outcomes as well as assist doctors in alternative payment model reporting.

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How EHRs Are Evolving To Support Value-Based Care

Can one of the technologies most associated with the fee-for-service era – the EHR – reinvent itself for the very different requirements of value-based care? We regularly convene leaders from specialty practices nationwide to discuss their value-based care progress and recently posed this question to an audience representing more than 530 oncologists. More than two-thirds of respondents either said that their EHR was not ready, or they did not know whether it was ready, to accommodate “alternative payment models, bundles, or other innovative payment methodologies.”

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Cautious Optimism: OCM Participants Seem to Have Improved in Performance Period 2

After the first performance period (PP) 1 results that practices participating in the Oncology Care Model (OCM) received 6 months ago, it’s safe to say there was some discontent. Now, preliminary analysis of the recently released PP2 results has shown an improvement over PP1, according to Charles Saunders, MD, CEO of Integra Connect.

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4 steps for success in a changing payment landscape

The advance of value-based payment models has compelled healthcare providers to assume greater accountability for the quality and cost of the care they deliver. For many, simply understanding new requirements has posed a daunting challenge. In a recent survey of practices representing 800 specialty physicians, when asked about their comfort level with the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), a full 71 percent of respondents said, “I am learning but have a way to go.” These providers, mostly representing oncology and urology practices, understand that it is one thing to comply with new regulations and another to implement the practice transformation needed to thrive in a value-focused healthcare payment world.

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journal of clinical pathways - Implementing Technology in Community-Based Practice Offers Multiple Advantages

Revolutionizing the EHR Landscape Through Integra Connect’s Solution for Oncology

Mr Bessette: Hello everyone and welcome back to the Journal of Clinical Pathways podcast. My name is Zack Bessette, and I’m the associate editor of the journal, and I’m joined by my colleague Amanda Del Signore, the managing editor of the journal. With us today is Dr Charles Saunders, MD, the chief executive officer of Integra Connect, to discuss the company’s latest EHR Solution for Oncology, the only solution designed to capture, integrate, and provide data at the point of care to help match patients with optimal treatments and manage their progress over time.

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Becker's hospital review

36 health IT & revenue cycle up-and-comers | 2018

Becker’s Hospital Review is pleased to honor the following 36 individuals as up-and-comers in the health IT and revenue cycle space.

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Practices Struggle With Oncology Care Model Report Cards

When the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released performance reports for the 181 practices enrolled in the Oncology Care Model (OCM) earlier this year, the action had the effect of creating as much confusion as it resolved. Practices were looking forward to finding out whether they qualified for bonus payments for exceptional performance. What some found out, however, was that they had to pay money back to CMS. Now, as participating practices anticipate the second round of performance reports, due at the end of August, they hope things will go more smoothly.

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Cerner’s investment in Lumeris signals growing role of tech vendors in population health

With a $266 million investment in Lumeris’ parent company, Cerner Corp. is just one of many electronic health record vendors making inroads into population health and preparing for the move to value-based care.

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