Key Steps for Specialty Practices to Thrive in Value-Based Care

The transition to value-based care has proved challenging for providers of all types. Specialists, however, are faced with completely transforming their practice operations to both comply with and thrive under new government programs, like MACRA. The good news is, specialists are uniquely situated at the intersection of cost, quality and patient experience that these programs […]

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Introducing Integra Connect

Introducing Integra Connect, Your Platform for Value-Based Specialty Care

The ever-changing health care landscape has providers, payers, and administrators in a whirlwind of confusion. MIPS, MACRA, OCM, APM – the list goes on. The administrative, operational, and technological burdens of new payment models and government regulations are a distraction for providers. CMS is driving a fundamental redesign on healthcare in the U.S., with profound […]

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